City helping renovate vacant homes in East Columbus

City helping renovate vacant homes in East Columbus

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The city said its plan to save blighted buildings is working for some east side properties. Mayor Andy Ginther toured several homes recently renovated through the Columbus Land Bank. The program allows people to buy vacant properties for cheap to renovate them.

“What better way to stabilize families and neighborhoods then to make sure that safe, affordable housing is available for people that are working hard and playing by the rules and trying to get by,” Ginther said at a press conference Thursday.

Ginther and other city and county leaders announced the Franklin Park Medical Center will be saved from demolition. Afterward the mayor toured a home in Olde Towne East recently renovated.

People living in that neighborhood said it’s cleaning up their neighborhood.

“I have great grandchildren so I would like for them to one day come by and be like, ‘yeah I was raised in this neighborhood and now look how good it looks now,'” said Pam Poindexter, who has lived in East Columbus her entire life and is trying to buy a home through the Land Bank. “You don’t see the eyesore houses anymore. They’re trying to renovate, make a better community for our children growing up.”

Other neighbors aren’t convinced the gentrification isn’t necessarily such a good thing.

“People that live in this community, they cannot buy that property,” said Jim Cook, another lifelong resident. “This is for people that have the money, who live out in the suburbs.”

Ginther said the program has rules in place to prevent developers from flipping the homes in the Land Bank. The people paying to renovate the home must live there. Ginther also pointed out the City has assistance programs for low-income people struggling to stay in their homes.

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