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Zillow releases market data December 2016

United States and 50 Largest Metro Areas: December 2016 Zillow just released this data, very interesting read. http://www.zillow.com/research/local-market-reports/   For Columbus market data, click the link below http://files.zillowstatic.com/research/public/rental/ZRI.Columbus.394492.pdf...

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MILLENNIAL MYTH-BUSTERS PART 1: MILLENNIALS ARE RENTING OUT OF FINANCIAL NECESSITY, NOT CONVENIENCE NationalMultifamily Dec 08, 2016 Champaign Williams, National Editor  It’s said that Millennials are discount-driven, career-entitled, apartment-loving tech dependents who have to be dragged out of their parents’ homes and forced into the real world. (Harsh much?) Courtesy...

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